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West End Matcha is a ceremonial grade matcha economical enough to cook with. Not the other way around.

It's Pure. Organic. Simple. 

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What is this green stuff anyway?

West End Matcha - Smoothie Bowl, Matcha, Package

Green is the new black! No seriously. Matcha is taking the health world by storm. And no, we aren’t talking about the high-fat, sugar and preservative packed matcha latte you can find in Starbucks. What people are getting so excited about is high grade, organic, 100% pure matcha that has been imported from Japan... 

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How is matcha different to regular green tea?

West End Matcha Food Collage

While matcha and regular green tea are made from the same camellia sinensis plant leaves, there are major differences in the farming, harvesting and the processing. 

Firstly, the variety of green tea leaves used is different from regular green tea. Matcha is made from tencha tea leaves. To produce tencha leaves used specifically for matcha, the tea plants require a lot more care and attention than other tea varieties making them quite rare and expensive to produce.



What makes West End Matcha so great? 

West End Matcha Smoothie Pancakes Latte

  • 100% Japanese Certified Organic
  • Grown under shade for 20-30 days prior to picking
  • Hand picked
  • Steamed and air dried
  • Stem and veins removed
  • Stoneground into fine powder 

    And there’s no…
    • Artificial colours or flavours
    • Preservatives
    • Additives
    • Sugar 
    • Gluten